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    Denisa Belousek (Mittwoch, 21 März 2018 11:01)

    Dear Martina

    I would like to thank you for your competent and sensitive support regarding me and my dog Tobi who had different difficulties connected with his serious heart condition.
    Your aura-chirurgie work led to relieve of some of his symptoms. What I appreciate as well very much is that you were reachable and supportive any hour of the day; even in the evening.
    This gave me very comforting feeling that I am not alone here to manage the situation and I have a shoulder I can lean on if necessary.
    Except of that you being able from NOT so emotionally involved point of view to communicate with Tobi , you were able to collect useful information; which after sharing with me helped to diversity of changes which I have implemented and tried.All of the above activities performed in close cooperation together definitely improved the quality of Tobi’s life the last weeks.

    As a summery I would like to say that you accompanied and supported me through the most difficult part of my life so far.Your help is for me very valuable and indispensable.
    Thank you dear Martina!
    Yours Respectfully